Justice + Surkin | Switch + Klaxons = Must Download

Alright people. Here it is. The HOTNESS for the day. I’m talking hotter then Kelly Kapowski. I mean hotter then the space between your legs when you walk around a theme park.

Here are all your mother fucking favs, fucked up on some St. Patty’s Day 24k hard-on goodness.


Surkin’s remix of DVNO is sure to blow up. You’ll probably hear it around town. Just remember where they got it.
Justice :: DVNO (Surkin remix)

does dope remixes, this is proof. Honestly, Klaxons kinda bores me, but Switch turned me on. hah…
Klaxons :: Golden Skans (Switch Remix)

Shadow Dancer is on Boys Noize records, and they are fly. If you like what Boys Noize is doing… Peep the strategy. This is off their upcoming EP
Shadow Dancer :: End Hit

Redial knows hot to fuck a song up the right way. Here he is with Daft Punk.
Daft Punk :: One More Time (REDIAL Goes To Hell Refix)

If you don’t know Curses!, I’m sorry. I remember when I met him, he needed to shower, but he makes good tunes, so I’m down. Don’t be sarry!
Midnight Juggernauts :: Road To Recovery (Curses! remix)


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  1. I’m impressed with your html skills, Jon hahaha

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