Please (DUB) Step foward

Dubstep has been making strides around the world after breaking out of its UK roots. Outside of NY, Dubstep doesnt have a crazy following. a1 bassline from London makes some sick music in the dub/bassline area, and the world needs to know. It is almost as important as (supposed) global warming.
Make sure you add him on myspace to keep updated with his ish, A1 Bassline.

These are some killer tracks, and his NEW mix. Cop it.

A1 Bassline :: Its Alot

This one is SO DAMN HAWT. Check out Kill To Win’s pals, Damaged Good$
Damaged Good$ :: Yo Thats Righteous (Produced by A1 Bassline) Recommended

Andy George :: Big Dipper (A1 Bassline refix) Recommended

Cadence Weapon :: House Music (A1 Bassline Remix)

Fagget Fairys:: Samo Ti (A1 Bassline remix)

A1 Bassline :: Somebody

A1 Bassline :: Girl Thing ft. Safi

A1 Bassline :: My Baby ft. Safi

A1 Bassline Vs. Christian Shank live mix (track list on his website)


2 Responses to “Please (DUB) Step foward”

  1. will you guys chill the fuck out. makin my blog look bad

  2. brian savage Says:

    yo, glad you guys are into dubstep/bassline. you play any of this shit out?

    if you haven’t already, check out Caspa & Rusko’s Fabriclive 37 mix. fucking retarded.

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