I Hate the Things You Like: Flight of the Conhords

I decided I am going to start writing about shit that I don’t particularly like on this blog. Some people seem to just fucking ADORE Flight of the Conchords. I however, do not. There is just something about the way they go about things.

Sure their New Zealanders accents are fancy, and they  strum on their guitars, but why should I really care? It isn’t all that funny. The humor almost seems so original and abstract, that it has a feeling of non-originality. Maybe if there was only one of them, or they both died, I would find them funny, in a classic undiscovered artist sort of way. So before you go around falling in love with these South of the Equator comedians, remember I hated them first…and they probably are descendants of English prisoners (murders, thieves, ya know the like)

That was some free publicity.

3 Responses to “I Hate the Things You Like: Flight of the Conhords”

  1. defameorlando Says:

    I like your writing. This made me laugh. I’m done complimenting you. Don’t tell anyone I did it or I will find you and kill you. Of course all while wearing a mask over my face.

  2. Charlemang Says:

    I wont say anything, no one reads this shit anyway.

    sorry if i was the one who bumped into you, im an asshole.

  3. Joshua Spickler Says:

    hahahahahah defame commented! sweeeeeeeeeet

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