Top Top Top Top Top, TOP BILLIN (2)

I’ve been sitting on this AMAZING bmore compilation from some of the best out there for about 2 months. Now that ive played the shit out of them, I think its time I give you all the hotness to bang in your convertible (hah).  Check out more and more at the TOP BILLIN MYSPACE 
I love pretty much all of these, except Sweat Gunz, but im not god, so whatever! Here is some more hipster ish for Orlando dj’s to lift from my hard working blog efforts (I got this from my friend).  I highly recommend all of these, they will make you bump, shake, boink, whatever!
Get Movin’!

Drop Rock (pop lock and…you get it)

Gaybar Starlite

San Fran

One Last Time

Nothin’ But Party

Sweat Gunz

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