Indie WTF

Alright, so ‘Indie’ music generally bores me, BUT, people eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper (a small meal that can only be had after dinner… its an english thing. look it up). Usually when I’m looking for music, I browse over indie after a quick listen. No offense, I like more upbeat stuff, and most indie makes me want to nap, and I am highly anti-nap (comments on napping?).

These two bands…groups…what have you, break the nap-inducing mold, so I felt I should expose them to you. Jupiter I found on discodust (where I generally dont get ANY music, but they hit the mark with these cats). I dont know anything about either of these bands, but they sound good.

The Kabeedies are also from Euroland, and are touring in places I am not too aware of. They sound real good, so you should invest time in listening to their jams, since I did. Plus, I think they like Mortal Kombat (werd).


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