Wale, the swaggerific DC rapper who doesn’t talk about all the shit he has, but instead about other stuff (go figure) released a new mixtape a few weeks ago. “The Mixtape About Nothing”, modeled after Seinfeld boasts tracks mixed by Nick Catchdubs. Each song is named ‘The ___” like Seinfeld episodes, and features samples from the show, and Michael Richards being racist. It is a good mixtape, check out more over at Wale’s blog, Elitaste.

You can catch him on the Rock The Bells tour (flyer above) in MIAMI with some real dope acts.
And as for Lil Wayne. What is new with him? I do not really know. Is he Jesus? Is he in fact Lil’? I think so on the second one. His album The Carter III is out. Look @ his myspace, its really fucking busy, just like other mainstream rappers. Maybe they can feud over that soon, whose myspace has more shit all over it. BUT BUT BUT I like these songs, so get em NOW! Help! samples The Beatles.
Wale :: The Opening Title Sequence

Wale :: The Kramer

Wale :: The Perfect Plan

Lil’ Wayne :: A Milli

Lil Wayne :: Help!

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