I Hate the Things You Like: Jim Halpert

Dont get me wrong. The Office is a very funny TV show. Michael, Dwight, Andy, Creed, Stanley, and Kevin insight riotous laughter true to the mold of Seinfeld, or Lloyd Christmas hitting Harry Dunne in the back of the legs with a cane (Dumb and Dumber…). For you more indie kiddies, picturing something Zach Braff did in Garden State.

Back to my main point. I do NOT like Jim Halpert. He carries himself in a ‘I’m not cool’ sort of way in which he knows very well he is better then anyone else in the aforementioned office. His smirks at the camera say ‘no one else could have thought of that aside from the great JIM’. Moreover, girls who like him do so because he is ‘cute’, but they cannot seem to distinguish between Jim and John (Krasinski).
His pranks are no more then pedestrian office shenanigans that he may or may not have found in a book from Borders entitled Office Pranks and You. His pursuit of Pam (who I don’t really care for either) has since grown old and tiresome. I find myself wishing someone would maroon them on the island from Lost, or better yet Gilligan’s so I no longer will witness their torrid bore affair. I hope next season Andy looses it, hospitalizes Jim ( NBC/ER crossover episodes?) and puts him out of my misery.
Thoughts? WTF is this, the English Patient?


5 Responses to “I Hate the Things You Like: Jim Halpert”

  1. birdproblems Says:

    lies all lies i will not stand for this nonsense

  2. Charlemang Says:

    well you must. because it is “I hate the Things You Like”. HA!

  3. birdproblems Says:

    i don’t like pam either though and you’re the first person i’ve met (well via the interwebs) who doesn’t like her either… so don’t worry i will let this slide

  4. defameorlando Says:

    This is a breath of fresh air after pounding my head against the writings of Glitter and Gold. I came here to find something to pick and am pleasantly surprised that I found nothing.

    You should also know that my word verification code below was “lickwiggi”.

  5. Josh S. Says:

    i hate jim too, and pam. i’m sick of them on the show. they’re part of the reason it’s slowly becoming not funny anymore. get rid of them both and it’ll be a step in the right direction.

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