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Pseudo-Indie #1: Katy Perry

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I’m worried.

I’m worried about “Indie” music as we know it. OPEN YOUR EYES! MTV, VH1, FUSE, BET, the RIAA and ClearChannel are using outdated fashion and ugly graphic design to promote certain artists as being “totally indie.” I feel that it’s my job as a music blog author and a DJ to expose these Indie Imposters. Katy Perry will be the first.


This is NOT an American Apparel Ad

This is NOT an American Apparel Ad

*Play this as you read for the full Pseudo-Indie Experience. Download if you wish*

Katy Perry – Ur So Gay

She looks bold, beautiful, and typically indie, but looks can be deceiving. Since 2004, Katy Perry has been working with a production team named The Matrix, a group responsible for introducing the world to artists such as Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, and Hillary Duff.

As of yet, Katy Perry has released one album via her (major) label, Capitol Records.

One of the Boys

One of the Boys

The lyrics of Perry’s (likely ghost-written) songs are meant to appeal to an audience of Average-Joe pop music lovers looking to feel more eclectic. The idea is that the outlandish (yet unintelligent) lyrical content of her music, along with her overdone pseudo-alternative image will lead out-of-the-loop music un-enthusiasts to believe that Katy Perry encompasses all that is “Indie.”


*******BONUS BONUS BONUS*******

Recently our favorite pseudo-indie ex-gospel artist released a cover of MGMT’s Electric Feel. It’s quite likely she did this in an attempt to increase her overall “indieness.”

Katy Perry- Electric Feel (MGMT Cover)



I Hate the Things You Like: cool weather accessories

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I do not really have a particular reason for writing this aside from just wanting to complain about SOMETHING on this fine morning. Since its a nice cool day here in Orlando (69degress), that means its time for all you mother fuckers to get out your cold weather gear. But wait… It is not nearly cold enough to start wearing scarves, gloves, leggings, right? WRONG. All you indie hipster mother fuckers busted that stuff out over SUMMER. The cold weather just means its time to further over accessorize. Basically, the jokes on you; it is Florida and will be in the mid-80’s by noon, no doubt.

Just because you bought these things doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear them all at once. In fact, you should de-cessorize. Maybe remove the ridiculous bright yellow  sunglasses. Maybe go without the randomly placed bandannas. Ease off the gun/tree/animal/random item necklace. Its a new season, a new start to your wayward fashion sense. Do not fret, I’m sure it will be cold enough soon… in Brooklyn, where most people from Florida will surely move to pursue a photography career, only to return and live in Boca when they are old.

Don't get caught looking like this, fa sho.

Don't get caught lookin like this, fa sho

Fashion: Candidate Clothing

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Press play and listen to this track as you read. It will enhance your blogging experience.

Kano – P’s and Q’s

Now I’m not much of a political analyst, but I like to think that cultural trends are windows into the minds of Americans. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed a rise in the popularity of politically concious fashion, and I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s noticed that 99% of all politically concious fashion is Pro-Obama. Before I write more run-on sentences I’ll give a few visual examples:

McCain shirts are much less abundant, and not nearly as cool looking. In fact, most of them are Palin shirts or Anti-Obama shirts:

If the GOP wants to actually win this thing they need to step it up. Young people like candidates who are cool. This shit is not cool looking. Watch the debate Friday! Go Vote!


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Holy shit! Ben?

Kill Kill the Noise

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Well, I’m almost positive that this has already been posted all over the blogs but a) I haven’t been keeping up with the blogs lately so fuck you and b) it’s a damned good mixtape.

Check it out when you’re walking or riding your fixie to class, work, Hands Up, whatever.

Kill the Noise: Turn Off/Tune in Vol. 2

Of Montreal is Fucking Weird

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It’s true. Kevin Barnes is a creative genius who is years ahead of his time, but his shit is weird.

If you’re one of the very few people who read this blog and you don’t know much about of Montreal, let me give you a rundown. of Montreal is an indie band from Athens lead by an insane eclectic named Kevin Barnes. In only 11 years of existence they’ve managed to release 8 full length albums (soon to be 9), 5 EPs and 8 Compilations. Every single album and EP sounds almost completely different, but Barnes incredibly unique voice and cryptic lyrics keep things feeling consistent. So if you like them, you’ll never stop loving them.

Here are four tracks. Each track is from a different album, and each track falls into a different genre. The last track is from their newest album, “Skeletal Lamping,” which will be released on October 7.

Your Magic is Working (From Satanic Panic in the Attic, 2004)

I Was Never Young (From Sunlandic Twins, 2006)

Labyrinthian Pomp (From Hissing Fauna, You Are the Destroyer, 2007)

An Eluardian Instance (From Skeletal Lamping, 2008)

You may not be able to hear “Labyrinthian Pomp” by streaming it on the site because it’s an m4a file, not mp3. But who cares. If you want to listen to it just download it. I personally don’t think Hissing Fauna… was a worthwile album, but Hands Up! is all about choice. Listen for yourself and let us know what you think.