People READ this blog??

Yesterday I was told my friend Brita that she reads this blog. I’ve only known her for a week. This is great news to me. PEOPLE READ THIS SHIT! I’m inspired to say some silly shit and post a few tracks that I stole from various other blogs. Here goes!

First look at this video. This song is going to be HUGE in 2007:

Next, lets talk music. I’m a DJ and a blogger, so believe me when I say this: There are no new blogworthy tracks. Music’s on the indie/electro front is pretty uninteresting right now. If you don’t believe me, listen to this track from Bloc Party’s newest album, Intimacy. Yes! New Bloc Party! Shittier than the last Bloc Party!

Bloc Party- Zepherus

Bloc Party has disappointed me too many times now, so I’ve moved on to other British bands with a black guy in them (i.e: Does It Offend You, Yeah?). Maybe I’d like B. Party more if they made music that sounds more like this:

ABC – How to Be a Millionaire

Tell me, Tell me!


3 Responses to “People READ this blog??”

  1. I don’t read this shit.

  2. I read this shit…

    Also, Bloc Party can do no wrong, NO WRONG!

  3. You’re not djs, You’re posers. You two queers can’t mix out of a wet paper bag. This ain’t hate, this are facts. No I’m not mad, just call it like I see it. Please just quit.

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