Cool Shit: FL-909

So if you’re bored on the internet and you want to try your hand at making beats, you might want to bookmark this website. A German(?) company named aM Laboratory created a Flash-based drum machine called the FL-909. It’s a near exact virtual recreation of the Roland TR-909. If you don’t know much about electronic instruments, the TR-909 is the quintessential drum machine of house music. This is the machine that started it all, way back in the early 80s. This song by from Daft Punk’s Homework is a good example of what a 909 sounds like:

Daft Punk – Revolution 909

Don’t get it confused with the TR-808, the most popular sequencer in the Hip-Hop industry. Remember this line from “The Way You Move?”

I know y’all runnin’ that 808, can you feel that B-A-S-S. bass.

Anyway, if you want to know more about this kind of shit, feel free to click the links and read the wiki pages. When you’re finished with your history lesson you can us the FL-909 and make some stoopit beats in your bedroom. Enjoy!


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