Pseudo-Indie #1: Katy Perry

I’m worried.

I’m worried about “Indie” music as we know it. OPEN YOUR EYES! MTV, VH1, FUSE, BET, the RIAA and ClearChannel are using outdated fashion and ugly graphic design to promote certain artists as being “totally indie.” I feel that it’s my job as a music blog author and a DJ to expose these Indie Imposters. Katy Perry will be the first.


This is NOT an American Apparel Ad

This is NOT an American Apparel Ad

*Play this as you read for the full Pseudo-Indie Experience. Download if you wish*

Katy Perry – Ur So Gay

She looks bold, beautiful, and typically indie, but looks can be deceiving. Since 2004, Katy Perry has been working with a production team named The Matrix, a group responsible for introducing the world to artists such as Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, and Hillary Duff.

As of yet, Katy Perry has released one album via her (major) label, Capitol Records.

One of the Boys

One of the Boys

The lyrics of Perry’s (likely ghost-written) songs are meant to appeal to an audience of Average-Joe pop music lovers looking to feel more eclectic. The idea is that the outlandish (yet unintelligent) lyrical content of her music, along with her overdone pseudo-alternative image will lead out-of-the-loop music un-enthusiasts to believe that Katy Perry encompasses all that is “Indie.”


*******BONUS BONUS BONUS*******

Recently our favorite pseudo-indie ex-gospel artist released a cover of MGMT’s Electric Feel. It’s quite likely she did this in an attempt to increase her overall “indieness.”

Katy Perry- Electric Feel (MGMT Cover)



One Response to “Pseudo-Indie #1: Katy Perry”

  1. And guess what folks? She’s a former Christian artist!! Surprising huh? Who knew all that latent homophobia had a purpose? Because it’s only okay to kiss a girl if you are trying to show off for guys. Am I right ladiez?

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