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Why didn’t we already have a Steve Aoki tag?

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Is it weird that I wish it were possible to become Asian just for one night so that I could be Steve Aoki for Halloween? (Don’t answer that)

Sneaky Sound System – When We Were Young (Gloves Remix)

Designer Drugs – Zombies!

Mariah Carey – I’ll Be Lovin U Long Time (Designer Drugs Remix)

The Presets – Talk Like That (Miami Horror Remix)


Stolen Candy

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Nothing quite says Halloween like your Bag of Candy getting raided. I’m here to fill that sack of cavities with some tunes from the new Bag Raiders EP. Bag Raiders stuff has always been pretty good, but these jams are well rounded. You can just hear their influences, and their experience growing. I haven’t really liked any tracks lately, but these sound good, so you wanna get em. I’ll start being mean again soon. Watch out.

One of the Langoliers

One of the Langoliers

Bag Raiders :: Turbo Love

Bag Raiders :: Shooting Stars

*Bonus Track* DJ MaddJazz has some pretty sweet tunes on his Myspace, and I lifted this one from MADECENT, it’s fly.
DJ MaddJazz :: Let Me Show You

Pseudo-Indie #2: Shwayze

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This is NOT a scene from a Michel Gondry video.

This is NOT a scene from a Michel Gondry video.

*Play this as you read for the full Pseudo-Indie Experience. Download if you wish*

Shwayze – Polaroid

It took me longer than usual to write start this post because I really don’t know what I want to say about Shwayze. There’s just too much to hate. This is a man who lives the pseudo-indie life. He inhales air and exhales pseudo-indie. Look at his disastrously overdone pseudo-minimal fashion sense. Notice his pseudo-intelligent, pseudo-clever lyricism. Let this be known: If you have your own show on MTV, YOU ARE NOT INDIE. This kind of false indie appeal should be criminalized. His style of pseudo-indie-ism deserves a whole new category name: PSEUDO-HIPSTER HOP.

I don’t need to explain this. I’ll just post a few pictures and tracks of REAL hipster hop artists.

Who needs hideous colorful backgrounds?

Kid Cudi - He means biz-naz

Kid Cudi+Crookers – Embrace the Martian (Round Table Knights RMX)

Wale - His Hat is cooler than Shwayzes entire persona.

Wale - His hat is cooler than Shwayze's entire persona.

Wale – Good Girls

*NOTE: Yes I know that it is stupid to categorize people as being “indie” and “hipster.” I’m sorry if people use these words against you, but people see something negative about indie music in fashion because of CRAPPY artists like Katy Perry and Shwayze.

Get your grind on

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the cobra snake

There are two things – okay three things – in this world I really fucking enjoy.

1. Bangers,
2. Alt cuties, and
3. Riding my fixie

Pretty obvious but I’m sure most of you can/will agree, lol.

Annnyways here’s some bangers I’ve been bangin’ in order of bangerness (for your convenience). Enjoy

HeartsRevolution – Switchblade (Toxic Avenger Rmx)

Estelle – Wait A Minute (Just A Touch) (Count Of Monte Cristal & Sinden Remix)

Larry Tee Featuring Christopher Just – Get Your Grind On

Unkle – Restless (Fake Blood Remix)

Kaiser Chiefs – Never Miss A Beat (Yuksek Remix)

The Death Set – Listen To This Collision (GLOVES Remix)

Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars (Instrumental)

Don’t hurt yourself

They Hear the Bass and They Say Whoa!

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I say, EH, could be better. A-Trak dropped his “Say Whoa” LP recently. I generally love whatever A-Trak gets his hands on, but this time around the whole effort is just kind of iffy. The record has the original plus remixes from masters Boys Noize and Sinden, which I also found sub-par. NONE of the songs really get good until about 3 minutes in.

A-Trak Loves The Simpsons, fah real

A-Trak Loves The Simpsons, fah real

The A-Trak original is the best. The Boys Noize version, while is quintessential “Boys Noize”, just doesn’t really get great, and seems rushed. The Sinden tune has up’s and downs, but never really reaches it’s potential.

I might be over-analyzing these 3 songs, but i expect more from these 3 badasses. BUT the songs are still better then most crap I keep running across, so grab them plus this bonus A-Trak joint which I like a bit better, but again, not great.

A-Trak :: Say Whoa

A-Trak :: Say Whoa (Boys Noize Remix)

A-Trak :: Say Whoa (Sinden Remix)

MSTRKRFT :: Bounce (A-Trak Remix)

I Love the Things I Like: Kenley from Project Runway

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Time for me to get a little girly. Project Runway is just addicting, and if anyone wants to give me shit for watching it, go ahead. It’s no LOST, but it certainly gets you hooked. Generally “I Hate the Things You Like”, but from time to time, I just love the things I like and I will write about those too. I DONT CARE IF YOU LIKE THEM OR NOT, I rather you don’t. That is where this post comes in. We may all like PR, but I want you to know I like Kenley, and you probably do not. 


Obvious Cutie

Obvious Cutie



Now, I will not dazzle you with deep arguments in favor of Kenley, moreover, I will probably just make superficial fun of the other contestants.

Kenley’s voice annoys you? It’s hot (plus, Leanne talking is like listening to someone who needs Zoloft). Her attitude is shitty? She is confident and motivated. She beautifully copies other designers and make them look her own? She didn’t know. DENY DENY DENY.

I do not know, or claim to know anything about fashion. However, this is my place and what I say goes. Kenley’s clothes looked good. That shit was stylish and flattering on those dames. Kenley’s clothes looked better then the other broads clothes. Thus she should have won. She is a cutie in every “I’m from Florida and moved to Brooklyn and I design clothes” sense of the word. That was enough for her to win. She is also an ass hole. We all saw (I know I did) her constant rants AT Hedi and that gay guy who has a beer named after him…Michael something

Leanne and Korto’s collections didn’t even make me yawn, they send me into a coma of boredom. Maybe they need to listen to more 3L3CTRO BNGRS to make things more interesting. They are also NOT cuties, do NOT live in Brooklyn, and I hear they don’t even know what fixie is…and they are voting for Mccain. If those things don’t sway your opinion, they blow up adolescent dogs with fireworks. True stories. 

All in all, their collections weren’t so great. I’m sure this will catapult Kenley to an even higher fashion job, which I cannot name, because I don’t know fashion terms. 


This following songs is perfect for Kenley right now, and I hope she downloads it.

Third Eye Blind :: Semi-Charmed Life

Friendly Fires is (also) better than Bloc Party

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So I just started getting into this British band, Friendly Fires, and I’m sorry to say that I just now heard about these kids while checking out some other blogs. Let it be known that I am not in the know, and that if there were such thing as a “good music radar” mine would probably only be good for cooking food.


FRIENDLY FIRES released their debut album in September. Before that they were featured on Kitsune Records Vol. 5 as well as the soundtrack to Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, a game that makes me drool. Here are some of my fave tracks from their album.

This is the first song I heard from Friendly Fires. The
lyrics are cute and the percussion is quite rhythmic. I’d suggest
learning to play this on guitar and singing it to girls when you want
some good indie poontang.

Friendly Fires. – Paris

This next song was the one featured in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. It can be described as “minimalist funk.” At times the lead vocalist sounds like Beck, but he manages to spice things up with his vocal range.

Friendly Fires – On Board

“Jump In the Pool” is the album’s intro song, and it does a good job of giving the listener a glimpse into the style of the music to come. I probably should have posted this one first, but it’s too late for that now.

Friendly Fires – Jump In the Pool