I Hate the Things You Like: Michael Cera

Enter Michael Cera. He is the Katy Perry of the acting world (see post below). He is what Frankie Muniz never was (not funny and popular). Paulie Bleeker has been tearing up the indie film circuit in recent months. There is no 20 year old as popular as Evan. You have likely seen or heard of George Michael Bluth’s accolades in Arrested Development, Superbad, Juno, and most recently Nick and Norah’s something indie title. Wait… I apologize, I seem to have mixed his name up constantly in my writing, those are the characters he portrays. Would you like to know why?  BECAUSE HE ALWAYS PLAYS THE SAME CHARACTER. He is the always the dorky, mostly witty, gets the girl, boring, repetitive, gets on my nerves and I want to yell at him that he has a lisp guy.

Here is that SOB looking iNdIe

Here is that SOB looking iNdIe

With in 6 years, I have little doubt that his dry, same ol character will surely replace Jim on The Office. He gets on my nerves because he might as well continuously be Paulie Bleeker. He doesnt act, he just exists. He also benefits from “Jim Halpert” syndrome. That is where girls love you because you’re funny and mostly dorky, and can be defined as indie, or an ‘individual’. I can only say so much about him, because his characters aren’t deep. I feel as if he sits around listening to Death Cab and eating Swedish Fish. I hear soon he will staring in a movie where he will ride around on a Fixie bike, spouting various quips at main stream adults before reconvening at a local coffee shop to discuss how movies with Shia LaBeouf suck because he sold out and works with Spielberg.

Bottom line. I hate the Things You Like, and I certainly hate Michael Cera, but only slightly less then that nasty kid Jonah Hill. Replace him with Andy Milonakis.

Here is some music. I haven’t found anything too amazing lately, but this stuff is fun.

This one takes ya back. uH.
Mase :: Feels So Good

This song sounds like they  want to be Justice, so if you like them, have a listen.

Cryptonites :: Revolver Disco

Heres one off the new Kid Sister LP
Kid Sister (w/ David Banner) :: Family Reunion

This one is total fun, a Beethoven remix, suck it up and GET IT!
Walter Murphy & the Big Apple Band :: A Fifth of Beethoven (Hidden Cat’s Edit)


4 Responses to “I Hate the Things You Like: Michael Cera”

  1. I like Michael Cera. DON’T HATE!

  2. waldofaldo Says:

    Umm, not to be an ass…but the name of the series is “I HATE the things YOU LIKE.” haha

  3. good god i hate that kid!!! kudos on the article, you hit the nail right on the head. He’s the same little twerp (yes, TWERP. that’s how shitty he is; that i have to use an extinct derogatory term to describe him) in EVERY. FUCKING. MOVIE. HE’S. IN.

  4. So true, so very true. I god hate that guy. Since when did acting like the awkward dork loser he is in real life in movies become cool?

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