I Love the Things I Like: Kenley from Project Runway

Time for me to get a little girly. Project Runway is just addicting, and if anyone wants to give me shit for watching it, go ahead. It’s no LOST, but it certainly gets you hooked. Generally “I Hate the Things You Like”, but from time to time, I just love the things I like and I will write about those too. I DONT CARE IF YOU LIKE THEM OR NOT, I rather you don’t. That is where this post comes in. We may all like PR, but I want you to know I like Kenley, and you probably do not. 


Obvious Cutie

Obvious Cutie



Now, I will not dazzle you with deep arguments in favor of Kenley, moreover, I will probably just make superficial fun of the other contestants.

Kenley’s voice annoys you? It’s hot (plus, Leanne talking is like listening to someone who needs Zoloft). Her attitude is shitty? She is confident and motivated. She beautifully copies other designers and make them look her own? She didn’t know. DENY DENY DENY.

I do not know, or claim to know anything about fashion. However, this is my place and what I say goes. Kenley’s clothes looked good. That shit was stylish and flattering on those dames. Kenley’s clothes looked better then the other broads clothes. Thus she should have won. She is a cutie in every “I’m from Florida and moved to Brooklyn and I design clothes” sense of the word. That was enough for her to win. She is also an ass hole. We all saw (I know I did) her constant rants AT Hedi and that gay guy who has a beer named after him…Michael something

Leanne and Korto’s collections didn’t even make me yawn, they send me into a coma of boredom. Maybe they need to listen to more 3L3CTRO BNGRS to make things more interesting. They are also NOT cuties, do NOT live in Brooklyn, and I hear they don’t even know what fixie is…and they are voting for Mccain. If those things don’t sway your opinion, they blow up adolescent dogs with fireworks. True stories. 

All in all, their collections weren’t so great. I’m sure this will catapult Kenley to an even higher fashion job, which I cannot name, because I don’t know fashion terms. 


This following songs is perfect for Kenley right now, and I hope she downloads it.

Third Eye Blind :: Semi-Charmed Life


3 Responses to “I Love the Things I Like: Kenley from Project Runway”

  1. Had this post been not been five paragraphs long you might have gotten away with not looking so gay. Could have said…

    “The only reason I watched this finale is because I was in the doghouse with my girlfriend this week and my remotes batteries died after I was trying to channel surf passed station 57, I really had no choice. I watched the episode and decided that I’d fuck all the model’s in Kenley’s clothes, and not that other girl’s whose name escapes me, because I really wasn’t paying that much attention. Plus Kenley is a bitch and that’s cool.”

    Regardless of your gayness, I agreed with you.

  2. “been not been.”

  3. team kenley for the motherfucking win. leanne was too pretentious and too arrogant. heidi klum has shafted us.

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