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Cool Shit: Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music

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Sometimes I think to myself: The world of electronic music is so vast and so interesting, how can I get to know more about it?

MOST of the time I think to myself: How can I get my uncultured friends to stop calling it “techno” all the time?

Crunk is a derivative of Breakbeat? Who knew?!

Hip Hop is a derivative of Breakbeat? Who knew?!

Luckily, thanks to Stumble Upon and some guy named Ishkur, I can finally convince my friends (and myself) that the electronic shit I listen to ISN’T all the same! Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music is the Genome Project of electronica. It is an in depth flow-chart style family tree that splits the realm of electronic music into 7 different genres, then explodes those into seemingly hundreds of genres. Lucky for you there’s a description and a few example sound-bytes for every style.

Click link or the picture to check it out.


Local Talent #2.5: More Adam S

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Mr. Smith decided to release a masterpiece mix AFTER being blogged on Hands Up. Is this some sort of ploy by Adam to get blogged about TWICE?

Well…it worked.

Adam’s new mix, entitled “Camelsutra” is comprised of rock, funk and folk classics from the past, perfectly blended into a 41-minute time warp. It’s got everything from James Brown to The Stone Roses. Readers of Hands Up: I strongly suggest you download this and add Adam S on myspace. Highly Recommended.

NOTE: No one hands you a script when you go to see a movie, so I don’t feel obligated to put up a tracklisting. If you know whats coming it won’t be any fun!

Adam S – Camelsutra (Mix)

Hear and see Adam perform live every Saturday @ Redlight. All the info you need is on the flyers. Pay close attention to the funny dress code.

Pay close attention to the dress code

Pay close attention to the dress code

Fabric Live 43

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Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!
Sinden – Fabric Live 43

15:05 gets me every time…

Fuck! What wouldn’t I do to see this guy open for Kill to Win

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Pseudo Indie #3: 808s and Heartbreak

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Today marks the release of Kanye West’s fourth full length album, entitled 808s and Heartbreak, and I have enough of an indie music spidey-sense to recognize that lame alt kids across the world will fully embrace Kanye’s most recent effort, regardless of how terrible it is.


Listening to this album breaks my heart 😦

Did I mention it’s terrible?

The album was produced entirely by West himself, with a bit of help from No I.D, in only 2 weeks. Nearly the entire album is sample free, which is a new direction of Kanye, a man once considered a sampling guru. All of the songs are love-related, and all of them include Kanye’s vocals, which are mediocre even when smothered in auto-tune effects. In the first half of the album it seems that Mr. West can’t decide whether he wants his tracks to be minimal or epic, leading to clashing tones and awkward choir synths, and songs that sound like the theme from Terminator.

Let me be blunt: There is nothing indie/alternative/counter-mainstream about listening to Kanye West. Every Kanye full-length has gone platinum many times over, meaning EVERYONE likes Kanye, not just you eclectic indie/underground hip-hop enthusiasts. I honestly love Kanye’s previous work, but if you’re going to choose any album NOT to purchase this holiday season, let 808s and Heartbreak be the one. These two tracks are some of the finer parts of the album, which isn’t saying much at all. The first features the up-and-coming Kid Cudi

Kanye West feat. Kid Cudi – Welcome to Heartbreak

This next track is the best the album has to offer, but it sounds like it was once a Chromeo B-side.

Kanye West feat. Mr. Hudson – Paranoid

Watch This Movie

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I’m going to start occasionally talking about movies, since this is, after all, an everything blog. Don’t expect me to tell you to check out some 1990s/2000s CGI blockbuster bullshit. First up is


Is it safe?

Is it safe?

Is it safe? It’s safe to say that this is one of Dustin Hoffman’s finest films. Marathon Man is a paranoia thriller about a man who gets caught in the middle of an espionage mission after finding out his brother is an American spy. Watch this moving closely and don’t forget what you see, but feel free to turn away during the famous tooth torture scene.

Local Talent #2

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It’s been quite a while since I made a post under the “Local Talent” heading, mostly because I feel like Orlando already knows about the few talented DJs in its relatively small scene. It brings me great pleasure to blog about this particular Orlando DJ; This one goes against the grain.

Meet Adam S

Adam Smith, Elusive DJ Extraordinaire

Adam Smith, Elusive DJ Extraordinaire

You may have heard of Adam S under a variety of names such as “The Invisible Hand” and “Famethrowa” but it’s quite likely that you haven’t heard of him under ANY names, because this guy manages to remain under the radar. Adam is a guy who would rather be heard than seen (or scene), as evident in these two tracks.

Eagles of Death Metal – Wannabe in LA Remix

Sorry, but we had to take this one down 😦

Beastie Boys vs. Daft Punk – Intergalactic Robot

Check out his myspace for more.

I am in love

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Alright I know that I just updated yesterday but I seriously can’t stop listening to this song and I’d do almost anything to get nasty awkward on the dance floor with that girl (at Hands Up)

An alt can dream, right?

The Hours – See the Light (Calvin Harris Remix)