Why, thank you!

So the other day I finally decided to go check out the new American Apparel on International Drive.  Overall it was your “typical” American Apparel visit and I even received the ultimate compliment: a fellow customer thought I worked there!

But, I still can’t understand why the HELL it’s on International Drive?! I mean, come on now.  WTF!!  They could’ve at least put it in Winter Park — or even better, in UCF’s Student Union (right next to Park Ave).  Mother fuck! Don’t they know how dangerous it is to ride your fixie all the way to International?

Anyways VNDLSM changed their name to AutoErotique and just released this Banger that I’m currently obsessing over

Lykke Li – Little Bit (AutoErotique Bootleg Remix)


THIS JUST IN: American Apparel doesn’t use wannabe-pornstar scene trash from LA in their advertising. They’re just normal pornstars.


6 Responses to “Why, thank you!”

  1. waldofaldo Says:

    Dude. That model is a porn star. Ask me how I know. I’m going to edit your post and prove it.

  2. lol lol I know man. In fact, I’ve got one of her ‘nos chillin’ on my hard-drive RIGHT NOW

  3. Don’t get too full of yourself, I got asked once if I worked at an american apparel when I was at one…

  4. look “Vegas,” let me have some fun, alright?

  5. I’m going to start asking random dudes at American Apparel if they work there, so they can all go home and write in their blogs about it.

    And American Apparel girl. The fold in her kneeboneless right knee bothers me for some reason.

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