Cool Shit: Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music

Sometimes I think to myself: The world of electronic music is so vast and so interesting, how can I get to know more about it?

MOST of the time I think to myself: How can I get my uncultured friends to stop calling it “techno” all the time?

Crunk is a derivative of Breakbeat? Who knew?!

Hip Hop is a derivative of Breakbeat? Who knew?!

Luckily, thanks to Stumble Upon and some guy named Ishkur, I can finally convince my friends (and myself) that the electronic shit I listen to ISN’T all the same! Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music is the Genome Project of electronica. It is an in depth flow-chart style family tree that splits the realm of electronic music into 7 different genres, then explodes those into seemingly hundreds of genres. Lucky for you there’s a description and a few example sound-bytes for every style.

Click link or the picture to check it out.


2 Responses to “Cool Shit: Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music”

  1. where the fuck is Bangers

  2. That’s pretty awesome.

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