Shake it up girl

img_0842the cobrasnake

Ok. So, I should be finishing up a paper right now but I really had to post these tracks (especially Treasure Finger’s new Banger).

Some old, some new. Enjoy

Little Boots – Meddle (Treasure Fingers Remix)

Stanton Warriors & The Beatnuts – Shake It Up

We Have Band – Hear It In the Cans (DIY Version)


12 Responses to “Shake it up girl”

  1. I hate the obligatory “cobrasnake clubwhore” girl pictures on your site and posts.

  2. Well if you don’t like the pictures, I hope you at least enjoy the Bangers.

    Personally, I love drooling over cobrasnake clubwhores but maybe that’s just me! 😛

  3. Actually the word “Banger” annoys me too. I have yet to hit play. I guess I could try it out.

  4. Was it as good as you had imagined?

  5. I still haven’t listened to them.

  6. Oh god I just listened to 8 seconds of the first one. Horrible.

  7. I’m kidding. I still haven’t listened to them.

  8. You’re cheating yourself

  9. Stepping on the soap box for a second. Living out here in cobrasnake headquarters and being a fan of the banger I frequent the club nights he attends on a regular basis. Cinespace/ Banana split. So same crowd. And at all of these events it’s always 3 attractive hipster girls 15 unattractive hipster girls. 45 asian girls. and 110 guys. EVERY time. shit’s overrated. I guess if you’re just going for the music.

    p.s. feel like I’m always comin over here hatin on something. But you know I love you guys. <3<3<3

  10. waldofaldo Says:


    Are you implying that Asians aren’t attractive????


  11. Duh I only date with-in my own race! lol just kidding but ya there are plenty of attractive asian girls just not my thang.

  12. Asian’s are overrated. You see one asian girl you’ve seen them all. Same thing for the white blonde college girl in flip flops. And again, the cobrashake clubwhore. Give me variety.

    Why am I stuck with this stupid square pink snowflake icon and Patrick gets Kermit?

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