I wish Ladyhawke would wipe her make-up on my shirt.

***I went broke for a short time and had to cancel my Mediafire Pro account, but now that I’ve got it back ALL SONGS (should) PLAY.***

Has Orlando heard of Ladyhawke? I’m honestly not sure. So…

Meet Ladyhawke

I Ladyhawke to thrash her hair in my direction

I want Ladyhawke to thrash her hair in my direction

If Pat Benatar and Madonna adopted a child in 1988, then spent the next 20 years fucking each other right in front of her face, they’d have raised one fucked up,extremely traumatized kid. But that kid would listen to Ladyhawke, and you should too. Fuck CSS, Fuck the Ting Tings, Ladyhawke’s self-title LP is the best female vocalist-involved album of 2008. Here’s some free shit:

Dusk Til Dawn

Dusk Til Dawn is my favorite track on the album, and it will probably become Ladyhawke’s biggest hit to date. Expect this song to be loved and cherished by 60 to 70 percent of Orlando’s fixie-bike riding population. Expect that percentage to hike for a short period, then drop after some random franchise restaurant decides to use the song in their advertising.

Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

This song represents that Pat Benetar/Stevie Nicks side of Ladyhawke, but don’t expect a Chromeo-esque retro revival. She has a style that smells like ’88 but sounds like ’08.


6 Responses to “I wish Ladyhawke would wipe her make-up on my shirt.”

  1. I think you could’ve/should’ve utilized the “alt slut” tag for this post.

  2. waldofaldo Says:

    Just did it.

  3. I was listening to ladyhawke before she was trendy…
    Have you seen the movie she took her name from?

  4. Ladyhawke was totally a white blonde sandle wearing chick in college also she needs an ipod ad despritely.

  5. waldofaldo Says:


    Nobody wants how long you’ve been listening to an artist. If you think you’re ahead of the curve just because you stumbled upon Ladyhawke while reading Hipster Runoff, feel free to start your own blog.

  6. I love her voice…. ALOTTT.

    +that Pat Benatar and Madonna comment was just plain ol NASSSSSTTTTYYY…lmao

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