Music sucks, everything else is just ok…

So I’m sure the 4 people left who still read this blog are wondering:

“Does the Hands Up Blog still exist?”
“Where are my Psuedo-Indie Artists and my Alt Bangers?”
“Does Jon Swan plan on ever talking shit about any other trend I happen to be into?
“How come non of their posts show up on Hype Machine?”

Answers to all of those questions are sure to come. Don’t worry. The Hands Up Blog is here to stay! If there’s ever a post hiatus, don’t blame it on Pat, Jon and I. Blame it on the fact that music sucks right now, and everything else is just “ok.” This is what I can best compare the music of late 2008 to:

Fun for the whole family!


3 Responses to “Music sucks, everything else is just ok…”

  1. I’m going through banger withdrawal. I’ve been listening to D.A.N.C.E. on repeat for the past week

  2. oh and New Spells, of course

  3. MARS

    hey i’m still here guys, keep goin.

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