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Can MSTRKRFT Save Electro? Probably Not…

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What the fuck is took you guys so long?

What the fuck is took you guys so long?

It’s been too long. Far, far far too long since MSTRKRFT has released their electro MSTRPC (masterpiece), The Looks. Now, about 3 years later, Canada’s synth-shredding superheroes are finally ready to release their long awaited sophomore effort, Fist of God.

After 2008, an entire year deprived of quality electro, will MSTRKRFT be able to revive the young and dying genre? Will Fist of God jumpstart the electro renaissance of ’06/’07. Unfortunately, I think not.

For this second LP, those crazy Canadians have enlisted the vocal help of a slew of artists, including Ghostface Killa and E-40, but I assure you, this wont help resusitate a quickly dying breed. The only thing that this new album guarantees is the complete transformation of electro, from underground club gold to mainstream radio crud. MSTRKRFT’s tracks WILL receive radio play. I’m predicting that now. That’s not even a bold prediction, see as how Crookers have managed to seep into the airwaves through their remix of Kid Cudi’s “Day and Night.” MSTRKRFT will manage to have the first (and last) decent electro track climb up the charts, and once that happens we all know what comes next:


I’m not going to post any of their new tracks, since they aren’t that great and we’d probably be asked to take them down anyway. Instead I’m going to take you back in time, so that you can reminisce about the era in which MSTRKRFT was DFA 1979…with drum sequencers.

Panthers – Thank Me With Your Hands (my favorite MSTRKRFT remix)

Bloc Party – Two More Years (It’s better than the original)

Wolfmother – Woman (Remember Wolfmother?)


Nobody Listens to Kenna

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Ignore my stupid hat. I am the shit.

Ignore my stupid hat. I am the shit.

How do I begin to introduce Kenna? Kenna is the biggest mystery in modern alternative hip hop. His first album, New Sacred Cow was released in 2003. Back then I was in high school, trying my best to convince my friends that this guy was the shit. I failed, and now I’m trying again.

Consider Kenna to be the 3rd member of the Neptunes, along with Pharell and Chad Hugo (They all went to the same school). Though his popularity is constantly waning, Kenna is praised in the industry for his seamless blend of U2-esque lyricism with N.E.R.D-Style beats. Now for the tracks.

Kenna featuring the Cool Kids – Loose Wires (Official Remix)

Kenna – Freetime (From New Sacred Cow)

Kenna – Baptized in Blacklight (From Make Sure They See My Face)

Kenna – Free Donuts and Shellfish (Remixed by XXXchange and Darko of Spank Rock)

That Spank Rock remix has about 7 seconds of dead air at the beginning, so wait patiently.

Listening to S.P.A. is better than watching the Super Bowl

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Every once in awhile, between listening to really shitty/girlie electro, I like to listen to dudes like S.P.A. to help salvage what’s left of my manhood. Proceed with fucking caution!!

S.P.A. – Pets Dance

S.P.A. – Pets Dance (Les Petits Pilous Remix)

S.P.A. – Pets Dance (Steve Aoki Remix)

God damn Steve, I don’t think that could’ve sounded anymore like a Bloody Beetroots remix! Still awesome though.