Nobody Listens to Kenna

Ignore my stupid hat. I am the shit.

Ignore my stupid hat. I am the shit.

How do I begin to introduce Kenna? Kenna is the biggest mystery in modern alternative hip hop. His first album, New Sacred Cow was released in 2003. Back then I was in high school, trying my best to convince my friends that this guy was the shit. I failed, and now I’m trying again.

Consider Kenna to be the 3rd member of the Neptunes, along with Pharell and Chad Hugo (They all went to the same school). Though his popularity is constantly waning, Kenna is praised in the industry for his seamless blend of U2-esque lyricism with N.E.R.D-Style beats. Now for the tracks.

Kenna featuring the Cool Kids – Loose Wires (Official Remix)

Kenna – Freetime (From New Sacred Cow)

Kenna – Baptized in Blacklight (From Make Sure They See My Face)

Kenna – Free Donuts and Shellfish (Remixed by XXXchange and Darko of Spank Rock)

That Spank Rock remix has about 7 seconds of dead air at the beginning, so wait patiently.


2 Responses to “Nobody Listens to Kenna”

  1. I’ve been obsessed with Kenna since New Sacred Cow. Incredible songwriter. I am happy you have made this post.

  2. Whoa!!! I was totally listening to a Kenna song today and thinking the same thing!!! Nice 🙂

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