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Can MSTRKRFT Save Electro? Probably Not…

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What the fuck is took you guys so long?

What the fuck is took you guys so long?

It’s been too long. Far, far far too long since MSTRKRFT has released their electro MSTRPC (masterpiece), The Looks. Now, about 3 years later, Canada’s synth-shredding superheroes are finally ready to release their long awaited sophomore effort, Fist of God.

After 2008, an entire year deprived of quality electro, will MSTRKRFT be able to revive the young and dying genre? Will Fist of God jumpstart the electro renaissance of ’06/’07. Unfortunately, I think not.

For this second LP, those crazy Canadians have enlisted the vocal help of a slew of artists, including Ghostface Killa and E-40, but I assure you, this wont help resusitate a quickly dying breed. The only thing that this new album guarantees is the complete transformation of electro, from underground club gold to mainstream radio crud. MSTRKRFT’s tracks WILL receive radio play. I’m predicting that now. That’s not even a bold prediction, see as how Crookers have managed to seep into the airwaves through their remix of Kid Cudi’s “Day and Night.” MSTRKRFT will manage to have the first (and last) decent electro track climb up the charts, and once that happens we all know what comes next:


I’m not going to post any of their new tracks, since they aren’t that great and we’d probably be asked to take them down anyway. Instead I’m going to take you back in time, so that you can reminisce about the era in which MSTRKRFT was DFA 1979…with drum sequencers.

Panthers – Thank Me With Your Hands (my favorite MSTRKRFT remix)

Bloc Party – Two More Years (It’s better than the original)

Wolfmother – Woman (Remember Wolfmother?)


I wish Ladyhawke would wipe her make-up on my shirt.

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***I went broke for a short time and had to cancel my Mediafire Pro account, but now that I’ve got it back ALL SONGS (should) PLAY.***

Has Orlando heard of Ladyhawke? I’m honestly not sure. So…

Meet Ladyhawke

I Ladyhawke to thrash her hair in my direction

I want Ladyhawke to thrash her hair in my direction

If Pat Benatar and Madonna adopted a child in 1988, then spent the next 20 years fucking each other right in front of her face, they’d have raised one fucked up,extremely traumatized kid. But that kid would listen to Ladyhawke, and you should too. Fuck CSS, Fuck the Ting Tings, Ladyhawke’s self-title LP is the best female vocalist-involved album of 2008. Here’s some free shit:

Dusk Til Dawn

Dusk Til Dawn is my favorite track on the album, and it will probably become Ladyhawke’s biggest hit to date. Expect this song to be loved and cherished by 60 to 70 percent of Orlando’s fixie-bike riding population. Expect that percentage to hike for a short period, then drop after some random franchise restaurant decides to use the song in their advertising.

Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

This song represents that Pat Benetar/Stevie Nicks side of Ladyhawke, but don’t expect a Chromeo-esque retro revival. She has a style that smells like ’88 but sounds like ’08.

Tigersapien will bite your head off.

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No, Youre not playing Tekken right now.

No, You're not playing Tekken right now.

This is Tigersapien

A bit of a while ago I heard about these guys on one of my favorite indie music blogs, Instrumental Analysis, and decided that they’re worth blogging about again.

There’s not much I can tell you about Tigersapien. According to their MySpace they’re from Philadelphia and their music sounds like “sweaty sex.” I couldn’t agree more. My sources tell me these androgynous feline electro-rockers are working on an album with Designer Drugs in charge of production. I cannot wait.

Tigersapien – God Knows

Tigersapien – Youth & Vitality

Hands Up! Photos, 5.23.08

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Sorry these took so long. The Hands Up Crew spent all week getting stoopit.

Click to view a slide show
Photos brought to you by KAPOOOW

Hands Up Pics, 5.16.08 **FREE TRACKS**

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There were tons of people out on Friday. See if you can find yourself getting stoopit in this picture. Click for more.

Click to view a slide show

Photos brought to you by KAPOOOW


Here are a few tracks you’re bound to hear on Friday nights:

Something Old:
DJ Taz – Thats Right

Something New:
Louis La Roch̩ РGet On Down

If Blade wore Skinny Jeans…

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Indie isn’t dead.

In fact, it’s alive and biting, sucking blood from the necks of music fanatics.

If you haven’t heard of Vampire Weekend then you’ve been missing out on a band worth craving and raving about. Their folky/dancey style is reminiscent of Tapes ‘n Tapes and Phoenix. Stick your teeth in and taste for yourself:

Vampire Weekend – Campus