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Local Talent: Stellar Dexterz

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I’m happy to see that even in Orlando, HIP HOP LIVES.

Meet Stellar Dexterz.

Residing right here in Orlando, JERZY-ROCZ and HBK are changing the face of fly. I’ll let their tracks speak for themselves. Check out what rhymes they have to offer on their myspace page. If you like what you hear you can check them out on July 17 at Will’s Pub or on July 25th at AKA Lounge. Make sure you thank them for keeping Hip Hop ALIVE here in Orlando.

Stellar Dexterz – Beat Rock

Stellar Dexterz – Revenge of the Freak

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Local Talent #2.5: More Adam S

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Mr. Smith decided to release a masterpiece mix AFTER being blogged on Hands Up. Is this some sort of ploy by Adam to get blogged about TWICE?

Well…it worked.

Adam’s new mix, entitled “Camelsutra” is comprised of rock, funk and folk classics from the past, perfectly blended into a 41-minute time warp. It’s got everything from James Brown to The Stone Roses. Readers of Hands Up: I strongly suggest you download this and add Adam S on myspace. Highly Recommended.

NOTE: No one hands you a script when you go to see a movie, so I don’t feel obligated to put up a tracklisting. If you know whats coming it won’t be any fun!

Adam S – Camelsutra (Mix)

Hear and see Adam perform live every Saturday @ Redlight. All the info you need is on the flyers. Pay close attention to the funny dress code.

Pay close attention to the dress code

Pay close attention to the dress code

Local Talent #2

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It’s been quite a while since I made a post under the “Local Talent” heading, mostly because I feel like Orlando already knows about the few talented DJs in its relatively small scene. It brings me great pleasure to blog about this particular Orlando DJ; This one goes against the grain.

Meet Adam S

Adam Smith, Elusive DJ Extraordinaire

Adam Smith, Elusive DJ Extraordinaire

You may have heard of Adam S under a variety of names such as “The Invisible Hand” and “Famethrowa” but it’s quite likely that you haven’t heard of him under ANY names, because this guy manages to remain under the radar. Adam is a guy who would rather be heard than seen (or scene), as evident in these two tracks.

Eagles of Death Metal – Wannabe in LA Remix

Sorry, but we had to take this one down 😦

Beastie Boys vs. Daft Punk – Intergalactic Robot

Check out his myspace for more.